New academic year

Thanks to everyone who is reading my blog 🙂 and all the lovely messages I got so far!! Because of your requests, I’m starting a new series of posts about studying in the UK. These posts will be based on my subjective experience of studying here and will be added in between my regular posts. First one is  in a diary form. Hope it’s not too much text. Let me know if you like it 😉 Any questions, just shout!!

New academic year. New me.

My course started with an induction day on Thursday, 26th of September, when I met my new personal tutor, some of the lecturers and was told all about studying at Anglia Ruskin. I was excited to meet my new course mates, who were all very friendly, and some came from far away countries, such as: Malaysia, Sri Lanka or Saudi Arabia just to study for their MSc, Clinical Child Psychology here. Each academic year starts with the Freshers’ Fair. This year I’m a kind of a fresher, as I’m starting my new exciting MSc course, but as I’ve already been at Anglia Ruskin for the previous 3 years, doing my BSc in Psychology, it doesn’t feel all that new.
Me and my friends decided to go to the Freshers’ Fair at Kelsey Kerridge anyway, to join some interesting societies at our uni, such as: Psychology Society, of course :D, ARU’s Ultimate Frisbee team (Darkside) or Harry Potter Society. We also went there to get some amazing free bees, like discount vouchers to pubs and clubs in Cambridge, pens, t-shirts, lots of cool sunglasses, posters and many more.
 meglassyAfter all the excitement from the Freshers’ Fair and starting my new course, I looked through my module guides, and all the assignments I have to do and I decided that this academic year I will be: a super study-focused, very hard-working student, aiming for distinction. Books are going to be my new best friends and I will never leave the library. Ok, maybe that’s a bit too much, but now seriously, I will end this note sharing with you my new academic year’s resolutions. Feel free to share your resolutions with me 😉 

Me wearing the Students’ Union Freshers’ glasses



Sign up to at least 5 new societies at uni.
Stop procrastinating.
Be more confident.
Regularly check e-mails with job offers from the Employment Bureau.
Attend some extra research talks to broaden my horizons.
Go to the swimming pool at least 3 times a week to do some actual swimming, not merely to spend 40 minutes in the hot tub…
Start my assignments at least 2 weeks before the due date.
Read one non-study related book a month.
Choose a healthier lunch option at Helmore Restaurant.
Be more eco-friendly.
Keep my lecture notes neatly in the folders.


Leave things for later.As later may never come.
Waste my time on daydreaming.
Spend money on gadgets I do not need and never use.
Miss any exciting opportunity to get involved in something psychological.
Gossip in the Quiet Zone.
here’s link to my uni website:

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  1. MissCambridge wrote:

    Thanks for your comment Phil 🙂
    I’m happy you enjoyed reading my blog! I’m still working on my writing style, so do come back to check how it’s changing 😉 Sticking to my resolutions is much harder than I thought, but I’m doing my best. Good luck with your assignments x

  2. Phil wrote:

    Hi! If I didn’t spent too much time on the internet already I would definitely read all the entries from this blog. I like your writing style, although it could be a little bit better to be honest. But practise makes the master, it’s my personal opinion and you can simply dismiss it if you want. Also I like the resolutions for the new academic year you wrote, I feel like I should make half of them mine now, especially the one about starting work on the assignments early… Yeah. Two days before the deadline are definitely not how you’re supposed to do that. Anyway, I hope you’re having a great time and that you’ll be able to put those resolutions into life ;]

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